Construction Details

Wood Door Construction

The sturdy materials used are expensive initially, but they pay for themselves in building character and durability in the long run. Natural building materials like wood have an organic beauty that cannot be reproduced by synthetic substitutes.

We are proud to offer two series of stile and rail Captiva Wood Doors, as well as a Flush Series door. Captiva Select Doors are crafted with beaded joinery, 1/8″ veneers and a standard two year warranty. Our Captiva Traditional Doors are constructed the way craftsmen have been making doors for centuries, using traditional mortise and tenon joinery and 1/4″ veneers.

Photo of beaded mortise and tenon
Beaded Mortise and Tenon

Select Stile and Rail

Constructed to the highest specifications, these doors use state-of-the-art beaded mortise and tenon joinery combined with stave core stiles and solid rails to ensure that every door is straight and true for years.

Beaded Mortise and Tenon
Tight fitting beaded mortise and tenon joinery is far superior to the doweled joints that most other door manufacturers use. Our beaded mortise and tenon provides more surface area for glue adhesion vastly increasing the strength of the joint.

Stave Core Stiles with 1/8″ Veneers (1/4″ veneers optional)

Solid Rails
Optional stave core rails available.

2 Year Warranty (10 Year Interior)

Captiva Select doors meet AWI Premium standards and specifications when book match panels are specified.


Photo of traditional mortise and tenon
Traditional Mortise and Tenon

Traditional Stile and Rail

Made with traditional mortise and tenon joinery, stave core stiles and rails, and 1/4″ veneers, these doors are for the purest who appreciates a door that is made using classic door making methods.

Traditional Mortise and Tenon
Simple and strong, the mortise and tenon joint has been used for millennia by woodworkers around the world to join two pieces of wood. We’ve kept up the tradition by using this time tested method of joinery in our Captiva Traditional series door

Stave Core Stiles and Solid Curved Rails with 1/4″ Veneers

5 Year Warranty (10 Year Interior)
10 Year extended warranty and No Overhang warranty available

Captiva Traditional doors meet AWI Premium standards and specifications when book match panels are specified.

Note: A certain number of Traditional doors will be run on our CNC due to multiple curved rails, ie: door #8010, 8015A. These exceptions would still have 1/4″ veneers, 5 year warranty and stavecore rails.


Photo of flush construction detail
Flush Construction Detail
photo showing flush inlay detail
Inlay Detail


With no stile or rail, Captiva Flush Series doors are constructed with a plywood core, hardwood edges and 1/4″ wood veneers. For crossbuck or other details, panels are inlayed to create a stronger bond, and make the door more resistant to water damage.
5 Year Warranty


Stave Core Construction

This environmentally friendly method of construction uses laminated, stable, wood core sandwiched between solid veneers and matching edges for a stile and rail that are superior for preventing warping or distortion. Stiles may be laminated on certain applications.

For a finished look, Traditional Series doors have a solid wood top rail cap on stiles to hide the stave core. This is a great option if the top of your door is visible from a higher level when it is open. (Not available on Select Series).

Depending on size, sidelites and transoms are constructed with solid rails and stave core stiles. Veneers will match door (1/8″ for Select or 1/4″ for Traditional).

Photo showing Captiva Stave Core Construction
Drawing showing Door thicknesses

Door Thickness

To help you coordinate all of the doors in your home, Captiva doors are made for both interior and exterior use. Builders, architects, and designers often consider the interior and exterior doors as two different design elements. Captiva allows both the interior and exterior doors to be supplied by one manufacturer with matching details in panels, sticking, and species. As pictured above, matching the species of wood for all your doors, even if the individual designs of the door are not the same, will give you a unified look throughout the home while maintaining visual interest.

We offer three standard door thicknesses: 1-3/8″, 1-3/4″, and 2-1/4″. Our 1-3/8″ doors are recommended and warranted for interior use only. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Door Shapes

Taking into consideration the architectural style of your home or the look that you want to achieve, Captiva Wood Doors are available in our standard shapes of square, arched or round. We also make custom door top shapes which are often seen in churches, historical renovations, commercial applications or home that require a truly unique look.

To maximize architectural integrity, Captiva Wood Doors are also available with clipped corners for doors that meet an angled ceiling (such as in an attic or under a stair).

Photo of Captiva exterior door

MDF Door Construction

Allow yourself to be captivated with our new line of custom interior MDF doors. Captiva Custom MDF combines traditional stile and rail construction with environmentally-friendly MDF to offer an alternative to all-wood interior doors. All door styles are available in MDF or any wood species so you can ensure a consistent design style throughout your project.

MDF construction drawing
  • True mortise & tenon joinery
  • Solid wood core with MDF veneer
  • Solid MDF panels

Both the stiles and rails have a solid wood core to provide greater strength and stability. The MDF veneers on the stiles and rails allow for a smooth and consistent paint finish. Panels are solid MDF. Utilizing traditional mortise and tenon joinery, all pieces are hand fit together with industry’s finest adhesives on all connections.

5 Year Warranty on MDF Interior Doors

Drawing showing Door thicknesses

Door Thickness

We offer three standard door thicknesses: 1-3/8″, 1-3/4″ and 2-1/4″. Custom thicknesses also available.

Door Shapes

Taking into consideration the architectural style of your home or the look that you want to achieve, Captiva MDF Doors are available in our standard shapes of Square, Arched or Round. We also make Custom Door top shapes for homes requiring a truly unique look.

To maximize architectural integrity, Captiva Wood Doors are also available with clipped corners for doors that meet an angled ceiling (such as in an attic or under a stair).

Beaded arch door photo

Wood Door Species

Every Captiva Door begins with premium select grade lumber. We meticulously gather wood from around the globe to ensure that every door we make is of the highest quality. The boards and veneers that go into constructing each door are hand selected so that grain and color are consistent.

When your project requires a specific species not listed below, let us call on our lumber suppliers from all over the globe to find it.

Photo of Captiva exterior door
Wood Species for Interior and Exterior Use
Photo of sapele sample

Sapele Mahogany
Sapele is very similar to Honduras Mahogany with a regular striped pattern and a dark red-brown color. This species sands and finishes easily and smoothly. When using Sapele, you must specify Paint Grade or Stain Grade.

Photo of cedar sample

Spanish Cedar
This hardwood varies from light to dark reddish brown. The texture is rather fine and uniform to coarse and uneven. Spanish Cedar is considered naturally decay resistant.

Photo of fir sample

This is a dimensionally stable wood with a straight grain, uniform in color, pattern and texture. Its light warm hue will become more red with age. Fir stains easily and smoothly.

Photo of eastern white sample

Eastern White Pine
This softwood is light brown in color, often with a reddish tinge and turns darker on exposure to air. Eastern White Pine features a comparatively uniform texture and is straight grained.

Photo of white oak sample

White Oak/Quarter Sawn White Oak
White Oak is primarily warm in color with a hint of ash. It’s grain pattern varies from straight and tight to arched and dramatic. White Oak stains well for an excellent finish. White Oak is used for Stain Grade and Quarter Sawn White Oak  is used for Paint Grade.

Photo of heartpine sample

Reclaimed Wood
Reclaimed wood is seasoned lumber that has been salvaged from abandoned barns, factories and industrial buildings. Some common types are: pine, elm, cherry, chestnut, walnut, hickory, maple, and quartersawn oak.

Wood Species for Interior Use Only
Photo of poplar sample

This hardwood is light in color and may feature dramatic dark color variations. Poplar is mostly painted or used with dark stains.

Photo of red oak sample

Red Oak
The texture of Red Oak features a very strong grain pattern which ranges from fine, straight, and close to spread and pronounced. Red Oak stains well for an excellent finish.

Photo of maple sample

Maple is strong and hard with a uniform color, texture, and grain. It sometimes features areas with dark streaks and birds-eye or worm track patterns. If left clear, maple may yellow with age.

Photo of cherry sample

Cherry is characterized by its warm color, smooth texture and straight, fine, and tight grain. Cherry may contain some sapwood and/or pin knots and will darken over time.

Photo of ash sample

Ash ranges in color from brown to nearly white and may display a dramatic grain pattern. It is popular in woodworking because it is heavy, strong, hard, and stiff.

Photo of walnut sample

Walnut is characterized by its beautiful grain lines running throughout and its dark brown color. Walnut veneers may be laminated for width and contain some sap grain and pin knots.

About MDF

Medium Density Fiberboard is an engineered wood product made from wood fibers and other recyclable materials. Denser and stronger than particle board, MDF is considered an environmentally-friendly material that is priced less than wood.
√ Locally sourced
√ Resists mold
√ Easy to paint and holds paint finish well
√ Recyclable

Why Choose Captiva MDF?

  • We source, build and ship locally, which helps minimize our carbon footprint
  • We utilize a wood core which provides greater stability and allows for lighter weight than doors made with an MDF core
  • We use solid wood edges so there is no need for wood wedge filler blocks
  • We use solid wood mouldings for designs that use a raised moulding (like Bolection sticking) for durability
  • Matching designs and profiles are available in your choice of wood species
  • All door shapes and sizes are available up to 4’x10′ in thickness of 1-3/8″, 1-3/4″, and 2-1/4″
  • Matching fire-rated doors and door frames are available in 20, 45, 60, or 90-minute ratings
  • A wide range of sticking and panel design options are available
  • Doors are available primed or factory-painted with your choice of stock or custom colors
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